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Study MBA In Germany

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Study MBA In Germany

Germany today is one of the Top 6 Best Study Destinations Worldwide for an MBA program and one of the fastest-growing in popularity.

If you are considering an international MBA in the near future, this webinar will help you make an informed decision on why Germany should be one of your strongest choices.

By the end of this webinar, you’ll know:

  1. Highlights about studying in Germany: Overview of the German higher education system, number of international students pursuing various degrees, top fields of study amongst the international students, large industries driving Germany’s economy, top student cities, and some of the best universities as per various Rankings.

  2. Macro trends - The Rise of the German MBA. Reasons for the rise in demand for a German MBA - including macro-economic factors, reasonable cost of studying, VISA flexibilities, post-degree work options etc.

  3. Facts & Figures | Eligibility Criteria + Classroom Data + Placement Stats of top German MBA programs Includes numbers on: -Avg. Class size -Avg. age of the classroom -Percentage of international students inside the classroom -Percentage of women representation -Program duration, Application cycles, Fee range, Scholarships -Eligibility criteria for local and international applicants -Placement information -Salary range after MBA, Top recruiting industries and companies.

  4. Other Critical & Useful information about Studying in Germany: The living costs, student, resident, and work visa requirements, Government and non-govt. scholarships options.

Upon registering for this webinar, you also receive a Free PDF guide about Studying MBA In Germany with additional statistics and more in-depth information.

Webinar Speakers

Max Jamilly
Max Jamilly

Study-abroad specialist. Education at the University of Oxford & worked at Harvard and MIT

After a short stint working at a Harvard/MIT/Stanford startup company in the USA, I started my PhD at the University of Oxford in 2015. I am inspired by helping every student realise his or her dreams. When I'm not doing research, I love studying foreign languages, mountain climbing and scuba diving.

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