Please note: This is a social impact service. Libereka facilitates this service, as this is a not-for-profit option that allows hundreds of top universities alumni to help the next generation of learners. The social impact of providing such services at a lower cost by the community allows more candidates to afford such professional help without burdening themselves or their parents. Spread the word!

A Motivation Letter (or essay), sometimes also called a Personal Statement , is the most important component of an application for admission to an international university. The higher the ranking is of a university, the more personal, thoughtful and convincing your essay should be. Your motivational letter (or essay) will be read by University Admissions committees to understand your goals, background, ability to articulate your thoughts, and the values that drive you which in turn will be an asset to the University.

Our team has edited thousands of essays at various universities in the world. Work on the essay is conducted by native English speaking consultants with a Masters or PhD degree from leading universities (eg. Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, etc.) in the world.

This service is mainly aimed at:Strengthening the demonstration of your key attributes;Improve content integrity and structure;Strengthen persuasiveness and argumentation;Improve the style and grammar;Bring the work in accordance with the requirements of the university

After receiving answers to our questions, our experts will start working with you on writing the motivational letter. We advise you to reserve 5-7 working days for the entire process.

Samuel Firman

Editor:; Education: University of Oxford, London School of Economics

Having both worked and studied in higher education, I've learnt the importance and enjoyment in expressing ideas clearly but creatively in applications, essays and interviews.

Samuel Firman