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Our students say it best


I liked the informative initial consultation and transparent conversations. I converted two out of three Universities I applied to. They have a very professional team that knows their job – who gave me detailed and professional advice from the very first stage to the end.

Studying in France

Olesya Markarova

I received a lot of valuable information about studying in the UK and about various universities and programs, on the basis of which I made my choice. The company is located in the UK, and all employees of the company are highly qualified and competent in University admissions.

Studying in the U.K

Anton Malev

Universities have a certain expectation of the documents, essays, etc. and at the initial stage it is quite difficult to navigate that process, making it very risky. I was able to enter the University that I wanted from the very beginning, and I thank the platform for that. 

Studying in the UK